The steps for initating a new technical committee project are:
  • Download and complete the form “Request for Development of a New Standard” Note that proposals must be accompanied by contact information for six (6) industry volunteers who have agreed to act as a task group to develop a preliminary draft. Justification for development, a scope, and an outline of the proposed standard must be submitted with the proposal.
  • Return the completed form to Aimée Beggs (877.281.7772 x 2223) at SSPC.
  • SSPC will forward the completed proposal to the SSPC Standards Review Committee (SRC)
  • The Standards Review Committee (SRC) has 30 days to evaluate and respond to each proposal. Once the proposal is approved, the individual proposing the project will be informed by e-mail and an announcement of formation of a new committee will be posted on
  • See the SSPC Committee Membership page for additional information on joining an SSPC Technical Committee