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Does SSPC offer suggested career pathways?2020-02-14T16:21:57+00:00

Yes, SSPC offers suggested career paths. They can be found on our career pathways page. If you have an additional questions about your specific career path, contact us.

Do SSPC Wallet Cards have a QR Code on them?2020-02-11T18:37:30+00:00

Effective 1/24/20 all SSPC cards have a QR code on them that can be scanned to access information on

How do I access my host marketing materials?2020-02-11T16:56:34+00:00

How to access your host marketing materials on

  1. To access your host marketing materials, visit
  2. At the far right on the navigation bar, you will see   hover over this to see the sub-navigation, click on the last option ‘Training Host & Licensee Marketing Center.’
  3. You will then be prompted to enter your SSPC account login information. If you do not have an account, you will also have the option to create one on this page.
  4. Once logged in, the website will redirect you to the correct webpage. Here you will have access to any and all materials on this page. Click on any of the images to download them.
  5. Once downloaded, you will see fillable areas where you can alter the text. After you are done inputting the correct information for your course, you will do a File > Save As, and select jpg as the file format.
  6. You can then use the image on your social media channels to promote the course you are hosting.


Does SSPC offer CEU’s for their courses?2020-01-29T15:42:30+00:00

SSPC Does offer CEU’s please see the following link IACET

How do I access my test results?2020-01-29T15:43:45+00:00

You can access your test results by following the instructions posted here:

How can I take advantage of GSA pricing with SSPC training courses?2020-01-29T15:44:10+00:00

You can find more information about GSA pricing and SSPC courses at

What are SSPC’s training course cancellation policies?2019-10-17T16:53:57+00:00

Our training cancellation policy information can be found here.

Does SSPC have any Government Funding/Discounts or Scholarship programs?2019-11-15T19:14:48+00:00

Yes we do, we have funding through:

  • DOD
  • Veterans
  • Scholarships
  • GSA

Check out this link for more information.

What SSPC courses are available to take in other languages?2020-07-31T12:48:16+00:00

SSPC’s Growing Library of Translated Content
SSPC is expanding their reach to students internationally, by providing our training courses in more languages. There is ever-increasing need in the industrial coatings industry, to provide professionals a highly valued education, through Training and Certification in multiple languages. We’re proud to continue to provide our valued training across the world. For a full list of all our Training Courses, go to:

List of SSPC multi-lingual courses and exams that are available now:

CourseStudent Manual/PowerPointExam
NEW Abrasive Blaster Basics eCourse (ABB)English, Portuguese, and Spanish
Abrasive Blaster Certification (C7)Arabic, Chinese, English, Spanish (Spain), and Spanish (Latin America)Arabic, Bahasa, English, Japanese, Portuguese, and Spanish
NEW Applicator Basics eCourse (AB)English, Portuguese, and Spanish
Coating Application Specialist Certification – Refresher (CAS REF)English, Spanish, and TurkishEnglish
Coating Application Specialist Certification Level 2 Interim Status (CAS)EnglishEnglish, Chinese, Greek, Portuguese, and Spanish
Coating Application Specialist Certification Level 2 Full Status (CAS)EnglishEnglish, Greek, Polish, Portuguese, Spanish, and Turkish
Coating Application Specialist Certification Level 1 (CAS)EnglishEnglish, Chinese, Spanish, and Turkish
Concrete Coating Basics eCourse (CCB)English, and Spanish - Coming SoonEnglish
Concrete Coating Inspector (CCI)English, and Spanish - Coming SoonEnglish
NEW Fireproofing Inspector eCourse (FIRE INSP)Chinese, English, Russian, Spanish, and TurkishEnglish, Chinese, Spanish, and Turkish
Fundamentals of Coating Application & Inspection eCourse (CTG APP INSP)English and SpanishEnglish
Fundamentals of Protective Coatings (C1)English and SpanishEnglish and Spanish
Fundamentals of Protective Coatings eCourse (C1)English and SpanishEnglish
NEW Insulation Inspector eCourse (INSUL INSP)Chinese, English, and SpanishChinese, English, and Spanish
Marine Plural Component Program (MPCAC, C14)EnglishEnglish, Japanese, and Spanish (Spain)
NAVSEA Basic Paint Inspector (NBPI)EnglishEnglish and Japanese
NEW Pipeline Coating Inspector eCourse (PIPE INSP)American English, English, German, and Spanish
English and Spanish
Planning and Specifying Industrial Coatings Projects (C2)Chinese, English, and Spanish (Latin America)English, Chinese, and Spanish
Planning and Specifying Industrial Coatings Projects (C2) eCourseEnglish and SpanishEnglish and Spanish
Protective Coatings Inspector Program (PCI) Level 1 & 2Azerbaijan, English, Chinese, Spanish (Latin America), and TurkishAzerbaijan, English, Chinese, Spanish, and Turkish
Protective Coatings Specialist (PCS)English and Spanish
Quality Control Supervisor eCourse (QCS)English and SpanishEnglish and Spanish
Spray Application Certification (C12)Arabic, Chinese, English, and Spanish (Spain) Arabic, Bahasa, English, Japanese, Portuguese, and Spanish
NEW Spray Applicator Basics eCourse (SAB)English, Portuguese, and SpanishEnglish
Surface Prep & Paint App for Power Tool Cleaning Operators and Brush and Roll Paint App (C6)English and ChineseEnglish
Thermal Spray Inspector Training (THERMAL INSP)English and ChineseEnglish and Chinese
Trainthepainter (TTP)Chinese (Simplified), English, Korean, Spanish, Polish, Portuguese, and RussianChinese (Simplified), English, Portuguese, Spanish, and Russian
NEW Using SSPC PA 2 Effectively eCourse (PA 2)English and SpanishEnglish and Spanish
Waterjetting Program (C13)English, Japanese, and Spanish (Spain)English, Japanese, and Spanish
What kind of training courses does SSPC offer?2019-05-08T17:36:49+00:00

SSPC offers courses designed to benefit coatings professionals, whether they are contractors involved in surface preparation and paint application, or engineers, inspectors, consultants, facility owners and salespeople involved in other aspects of the business. SSPC courses are designed to provide students with a well-rounded understanding of the intricacies involved in planning and executing industrial painting projects.

When does SSPC offer these courses?2019-05-08T17:36:09+00:00

SSPC offers its training/certification programs in various locations around the World. We are publicly offering over 400 of training and certification programs throughout the year.  Courses are offered in conjunction with our national conference and are offered by several licensees and SSPC local chapters.

Does SSPC offer private courses for large groups at client facilities?2019-05-08T17:33:14+00:00

Yes. Every SSPC course can be given on-site to a private or public employer. Please contact Jennifer Merck at 412.281.2331 ext. 2221 for more information about this program.

Are there any other types of classes or learning opportunities that SSPC offers?2019-06-10T20:39:38+00:00

Yes. In addition to training and certification programs, SSPC offers micro-learning opportunities through Webinars, the online Learning Center, onsite seminars, chapter events, and the Technical Program at the Coatings+ annual conference.

How will these courses help me?2019-05-08T17:29:15+00:00

In a couple of ways. First of all, SSPC’s courses will enhance your overall coatings knowledge and help you do your job better. Second, when you get involved with SSPC, you’re tapping into a vast network of knowledge that expands exponentially every year. Our members represent such a broad crossection of industry that if there is an answer that you need to a coatings question, we’ll find it.

Where can I take a course?2019-06-07T19:17:36+00:00

Find courses in the SSPC MarketPlace to see when and where they’re being offered. For a private course, please contact Jennifer Merck.

How can I use my Corporate Membership flexible benefit points?2020-06-30T13:35:34+00:00

SSPC makes membership even more valuable to company members through the ability to customize a benefits package to suit their particular needs. If training your work force is a priority for your company, you can use your flexible benefits points to lower the cost and increase the return on your investment.

SSPC company members can use their “Flex” points to get additional discounts ($200 off per course) or get the below online training for FREE!

Concrete Coating Basics eCourse (CCB) — 6 Flex Points
Fundamentals of Protective Coatings eCourse (C1) — 15 Flex Points
Industrial Coatings Safety Management Training eCourse (SAFETY) — 15 Flex Points
Planning and Specifying Industrial Coatings Projects eCourse (C2)  — 15 Flex Points
NAVSEA Standard 009-32 eCourse (009-32) — 6 Flex Points
Quality Control Supervisor eCourse (QCS) — 6 Flex Points
Surface Preparation of Steel Prior to Coating Application eCourse (BSSP) — 3 Flex Points
Using SSPC-PA 2 Effectively eCourse (PA 2) — 6 Flex Points

For information on SSPC Membership or to redeem your Flexible Benefit points, please contact SSPC Member Services at 412-281-2331, or visit the SSPC Membership section.

Does SSPC offer courses outside the United States?2019-06-10T20:32:08+00:00

Yes! SSPC works globally to enhance the coatings industry by holding education, training and chapter events all over the world. SSPC offers classes in many different countries.
For more information, please contact Jennifer Merck at

How do I recertify for SSPC Certification Programs?2019-05-08T16:57:32+00:00

All SSPC-certified professionals must periodically renew their certifications. SSPC has now made this renewal process easier, by placing its renewal exams online. Coatings professionals, certified in the various programs, will be notified by mail in plenty of time to complete their renewals. Specific information on each programs recertification process can be found on each course description page.

Please contact Silvia Palmieri ( or 877-281-7772 ext 2201 for more information.

Why take an online training class?2019-05-08T16:52:01+00:00

The e-courses are perfect for those students who are unable to attend a regular public offering. E-courses feature the same content that is used in in-person classes. Each unit has been converted into an electronic format that students can access whenever it is convenient to them, via a computer or mobile device. After completing each quiz, students receive instant feedback to aid in the learning process. Workshops are designed to encourage interactivity among students and the instructor.

How often are the eCourses offered?2019-11-14T17:18:12+00:00

SSPC e-courses are delivered on-demand, so they begin whenever you’re ready! Students have 16 weeks to complete an online course once it has been started. Students can work at their own pace over the 16-week period to complete the units, workshops, and quizzes. The final exam is also completed online.

What is the benefit to participating in an SSPC webinar?2019-05-28T14:03:29+00:00

The SSPC Webinar Series is FREE to everyone. Webinars focus on key information that allow busy professionals to stay up-to-date on the latest industry trends, developments and technology – all from the comfort of your home or office.

For more information or to register, please visit:

How can I host a SSPC Public Offering?2020-01-29T15:42:07+00:00

If you want to host an SSPC training course at your facility, please contact Jennifer Merck at

What does it mean to host a SSPC Public Offering?2019-05-08T16:35:44+00:00

If you host an SSPC public offering you are allowing people from the coatings industry to come and take an SSPC Training Class at your facility.

  • You can pick the date of the offiering.
  • You will also get two free slots in the class.

The following are some of the responsibilities that you would have if you hosted a course.

  • Find a location for the training
  • Provide AV equipment
  • Recommend a hotel
  • Provide On-Site Administration for the Course
  • Provide coffee or refreshments for the students
  • Help do the marketing for the event

SSPC Will Provide:

  • Provide 1 Set of Course Material
  • Provide 1 Set of the Power Point on CD ROM
  • Grade Exams
  • Generate and Issue Certificates/CEUs
  • Take all of the registrations
  • Provide instructors for the courses
How can I retake an exam?2019-05-28T13:57:13+00:00

Written Exam Retake Fee: $100 member; $200 non-member
Inspection Plan Exam Retake Fee: $100 member; $200 non-member
Practial Exam Retake Fee: $200 member; $300 non-member

To schedule, please visit this page:

How can I take advantage of the DoD Funding?2019-05-08T15:53:31+00:00

Under the DoD Corrosion Prevention and Control Program, funding has been provided to train DoD, Army, Navy, Coast Guard, Marine Corps, and Air Force personnel in SSPC Training and Certification Programs. For more information on how to take advantage of attending the courses for free, contact Jennifer Merck at 877. 281.7772, ext 2221 or or click here.

How do I find out who is currently certified in each of your certification programs?2019-05-28T14:12:55+00:00

Visit and search right on center of the homepage.