Make an impact in the coatings industry by educating the next generation of blasters and painters.


Training students in the industry requires hard work and dedication. SSPC seeks out encouraging individuals to aid in our student’s learning journey.


SSPC looks for experienced veterans in the coatings industry to help teach students in a hands-on environment.


SSPC wants instructors that are as dedicated to their students as they are the industry. Our students need someone who is ready and willing to answer their questions.


Knowledge of Subject Matter

Teaching Ability

Work Experience

  • Candidate shall have a minimum of 4 years of full-time work experience in the specific field to be taught within the last 6 years
  • Candidate shall have a thorough fundamental and practical knowledge of the subject matter of the course being applied for
  • Candidate shall provide evidence of the ability to teach educational material to adults, by providing SSPC with one of the following items
  • Provide SSPC with an introduction videotape of yourself per the SSPC Videotape Guidelines

Course Completion

  • Conduct a class while being observed by an SSPC designated training evaluator
  • Submit evidence that candidate has been approved as an instructor for another industry training program with a formal instructor qualification program. This information can be listed in your instructor application
  • Candidate shall have taken the course at a public or onsite offering as a student and passed the final examination with a minimum grade of 90 percent (90%)
  • Candidate shall have completed other pre-requisites for the specific course applied for

Hold an SSPC membership


Visit our training contacts page to find more information about becoming an instructor and submission.

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